To Carlisle

Last year, when we stayed in Wensleydale, we travelled on the Settle to Carlisle Railway between Ribblehead and Appleby. You can click here to see that. This June we stayed quite near Appleby and I was keen to go up to Carlisle by train. We caught it at Kirkby Stephen so duplicated a stretch to Appleby.

image002 Obviously this is not a much loved Edmonson style ticket but there are features to like. First of all it has all the information on it – date journey, class, price. It also has the famed double arrow emblem. Some of us remember the launch of this new logo (in 1965). Some of us are pleased it is still used to mean ‘railway’.

The journey to Carlisle follows the course of the River Eden.


It is mostly attractive and pastoral and really rather prosperous looking land without the bleak grandeur of the more mountainous area to the south.

Modern trains are not good for photography. I wouldn’t say our train was dirty, but the windows weren’t as clear as I’d have liked. Unless you can get your lens right on the glass, you are going to get reflections and certainly in this case the window also created distortions.


These features are all there as we merged in with the track from Newcastle on the outskirts of Carlisle. The distortion makes the other track look seriously warped!

I think of Carlisle as the red city.

image008 This is Carlisle Citadel, after which the station is named and here’s the cathedral as well.


The castle is also made out of the local red stone.


The border nature of the town, just a few miles from Scotland, is evident in street names.


The River Eden has got quite large by Carlisle.


It flows past an attractive park.


Carlisle shops? They are much like anywhere else in town centres. There are the same coffee shops and national (or international) eating houses along with the usual run of chain stores. You might sense that this doesn’t much suit me. I prefer smaller places with individual shops.


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