Tullie House

Tullie House is a museum in Carlisle. The museum first came to my attention back in the 1990s when I was asked to write a review of a piece of software called Frontier 2000. This was software for schools – and very good it was too with all the problem solving activities centred on Carlisle and the borders. Tullie House had clearly supported the development of this project and provided resources which meant it all came in quite a big pack.

image002There’s the pack and here are some of the contents.


There are blasts from the past there in the shape of an audio cassette and a VHS video.

The software itself is on a couple of discs.


There’ll be a whole generation of youngsters who have no idea what these are now. The so called floppy disc arrived and vanished in a short space of time.

Tullie House provided a bit of Roman wood to enthuse youngsters.


This came from an original Roman fort in Carlisle.

Now let’s move forward to June 2015 and take a look at the museum which is in a rather ugly (my opinion) modern building.

Once inside, though, the building doesn’t matter. There’s a large museum and all the staff we met were very friendly and helpful. There are lots of fun activities for children and, of course, lots and lots of artefacts. Photography is allowed although some items have a no photography sticker by them for copyright reasons. So here are some items which caught my eye.


This, I understand, is a Roman mason mark. Fantastic and we have more Roman masonry below.


What a curious trio.

But not all is Roman. Railways feature and here we have a rather austere mock-up of third class rail travel.


My other railway artefact isn’t in the museum it is in the subway under a very busy road that makes it easy to get from castle to museum.


The big sign has obvious meaning. The smaller one above is addressed to men. It means make sure you do up your flies after using the loo!

Tullie House was well worth the visit.

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