My little grey Fergie

The Fergusson tractor was the work horse on British farms in the 1950s and early 60s. Many still survive and they are very definitely collected. I have two friends who own what affectionately get called little grey Fergies. One uses his for hauling a trailer into unlikely places. It has been in use on the village streets this week. The other is more of a collector and I believe he has three different versions which he is in the process of restoring.

I don’t have one and whilst I love the old girls, I really wouldn’t want one. I just wouldn’t find the time to care for it – even if I had the expertise to do it. I just have a little model that was stuck on the front of a tractor magazine I gave my son a few years ago.


She may look tolerably the part but this little tractor is little more than 5cm long. It brings a smile to me, though, because this really was the ubiquitous farm power of my childhood years.

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