A wren’s nest

I wouldn’t dream of giving details of just where this is. We were trusted and shown this nest and whilst I’m sure the young birds have fledged and gone by now, there could be a second or subsequent brood.

The Latin name that botanists give to the wren is troglodytes troglodytes. This literally translates as cave dweller cave dweller. We’d expect to find wrens in a cave but the cave is of their own making and is of a size to suit one of the tiniest birds in Britain. So here is the cave for one wren family.


The wren has started by finding a ready made cave in a stone wall but it has made it wren comfortable and cosy with its own neatly made nest which just has a wren sized opening. It is a masterpiece of engineering.

It was fascinating to see this, for despite being essentially a countryside person for all my life I had never actually seen a wren’s nest before.

And now we can do no more than wish those wrens well.

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