A former home

When I first moved to Wiltshire, back in 1970, I started off in digs. This was never going to be satisfactory for me and within a fortnight I had found a flat I could rent and call my own home. The address sounded grand for I was a resident of Rowde Hall, Rowde. The flat was anything but grand. It was spacious though.

There was a living room which had dining table and chairs and easy chairs. There was a kitchen which had what was needed. The bedroom was fine and the bathroom was just that. It had a bath in it.

The toilet was outside the flat and shared with another. There was also a  room – more like a large cupboard really – that linked into the bedroom. There was even a cellar.

But it was all cold and damp and just a bit on the sad side. No wonder the rent was only £4 per week – about a third of my take-home pay.

The building still stands and looks quite grand.


I’d never noticed all those wires!

My flat was on the ground floor on the brick elevation. It provided me with a good little home. I was fond of the place which was, I suppose, my first adult home.


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