Barns near Brough

On our final June evening in the north Pennines it had become warm enough to go out for a walk without needing Arctic clothing. It was glorious as we set off from our cottage, crossed the little used road and set off into the wide yonder.

image002 The barns are such lovely additions to the local fields. The presence of so many comes from dividing land amongst children. Each inheritor of a field needed a barn and used the ‘to hand’ materials to build it.


Some have fallen into disrepair and what’s left just serves as part of a field boundary.


But those first two clearly survive.

Actually, the nearer one has suffered some roof collapse.


It has an interesting piece of stonework incorporated into it.


The presence of this stone may not indicate that this barn was built in 1688. This may well be a subsequent use of a stone which once adorned a grander building.

Of course for me it begs the probably unanswerable question. Just who was R D?


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