The Heron

We were on the beach at Bembridge, Isle of Wight. Granddaughter, approaching two years old was happy as a sand girl. That’s no surprise for a sand girl was what she was. We enjoyed a picnic and then, at a safe distance, we were joined by a heron. Bembridge beach is shallow and has bars of various materials. At low tide, a heron could perch and peer into the shallow waters in search of a tasty fish. And that is what this one did. He started out on a distant sand bar. image002 But then he transferred to the nearer seaweed covered area. That’s still quite some way away. image004 What amazing birds they are. I hadn’t been aware of the small rah-rah skirt wafting in front of him on other herons I have seen. image006 There’s a typical heron pose, watching and waiting. And if looking one way doesn’t find fish, then about turn! image008 And that proved no better so about turn and quick march. image010


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