The prehistoric bird

To be fair, this photograph was taken of a very 21st century bird as it made an appearance in my garden. This first showing was on 10th July. It is one of my old pals. It’s a green woodpecker. But this one is a 2015 bird, hatched this year. I had been expecting to see a youngster for a day or two. The parents had been out kicking up a great fuss and I wasn’t sure if they were calling youngsters or warning them. I’m fairly sure I actually saw five of the birds at once so I think there are three youngsters.

And the young birds do look prehistoric.


Unlike mum and dad, the youngster is a mass of freckles. Maybe that helps the prehistoric look.

One of the great things about the young birds is that they haven’t been taught to fear humans. This bird decided our back door step was just the place to be – less than 6 feet from me inside the house.


The adults never get that close and I suspect this brave fellow has now been given a stern telling off by his (or her) parents.

I do consider that we are so very fortunate to see sights like this Andy Murray v Roger Federer at Wimbledon just couldn’t compete with this little beauty.


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2 Responses to “The prehistoric bird”

  1. Janet Says:

    What a treat for a keen birder. I am making friends with squirrels, Stellar jays, crows. Unfortunately our cat has eliminated a few little finches and sparrows. I love all the birds but also couldn’t bear to keep the cat indoors all the time.

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