Train Story

Train Story is the name of a new display area at Havenstreet – headquarters of the Isle of Wight Steam Railway. But keep reading for this post is not really about trains but more about games and toys.

We paid a visit having travelled on the line, enjoyed a picnic and taken in the fun of the fair at a charity event being held that day.

It was fun for all the family.

image002 Granddaughter enjoyed playing with a wooden toy train layout, set out on a map of the island.


The map shows the real railways that once existed on the island but granddaughter seems to be dealing with a problem on a never built Brighstone Bay branch, reaching right out to sea. Hey! She was just having fun.

And so, too, were her mother and grandfather. They were playing giant top trumps at a special table.


It has to be said that the cards were all Isle of Wight locomotives some of which are shown on that background display. It was, of course, good fun for two avid games players. We called it an honourable draw.

Just in case you are a rail nerd and don’t like this kind of frippery, you can hurry through this bit, and miss the cab mock up where youngsters (of all ages) can pull the chain to sound the whistle and you can enjoy the trains on display, relaxing in first class comfort or enduring the hardship of third class.

It’s well worth the visit and well done to the railway for making such a good, child friendly display which has much to offer to the rail enthusiast as well.

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