Another card to Naomi

It was back in 2012 that I wrote a blog post called ‘Sweet Naomi’ Naomi was my great aunt, not that I ever knew her. She was, apparently, regarded by one and all as a very sweet young lady. This is the photo I have of her.

image001 Naomi was born in 1879, grew to adulthood and then contracted TB.

After a long illness she finally succumbed in 1911.

Perhaps because of her illness, she received a goodly quantity of postcards and they were kept. This is one from her brother, Jim.



We can see here that backin 1906 this was the equivalent of the text message of today. We can also see that brother Jim has used the affectionate name of ‘Omy’ for his sister. He posted the card in Uckfield in Sussex and it was franked at 9.30pm on June or July 30th 1906. And that was deemed soon enough for Jim to tell his sister he’d call and see her the next day.

Jim, by the way, became a policeman in Brighton where he lived until 1958.


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One Response to “Another card to Naomi”

  1. jengarynewadventures Says:

    Awwww! How very sweet and special!

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