Thomas Estmond

Some researchers reckon that Thomas Estmond was my 10 greats grandfather. Others, and I’m inclined to agree with them, deem the evidence as flimsy and very uncertain. But I have been to see a memorial to Thomas.


This coat of arms hangs in Chardstock Church. Chardstock is just in Devon, right on the eastern edge of that county. I assume this coat of arms records the death of Thomas in 1607.

Interesting that this could be a family relic. But my more definitive link with Estmonds comes in 1681 when Ann Estmond married William Stickland in Wadhurst, Sussex which, perchance, was my own birthplace. It is interesting to note that a possible father for Ann Estmond is George who was born in Shroton – about seven miles from a village called Winterborne Stickland. But that does not actually prove anything.


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