I’m not as much of a sandy beach lover as some people. I was brought up in Sussex and most of my time on beaches was on shingle. Sand could be found in pockets – enough for kids to play in and still I can find all over sandy beaches sterile. But if there are cliffs and rocks then the interest comes back and here we look at a favourite beach.


This is Durness and it is about as far from Sussex as you can get on mainland Britain. It is on the north coast of Scotland. The little bay, so attractively framed is called Sango Bay and it  was certainly helped by good weather on the day we were there. This was back in 2004.

Being so far from anywhere, it is not exactly busy. By road Durness is more than 100 miles from Inverness. Durness is more than 700 miles from the south coast of England. Carlisle, the border city is almost precisely half way between Durness and Brighton. It is not a journey to be undertaken lightly. But what a fantastic place when you get there. It has peace and tranquility and delightful scenery.

No wonder it was a place John Lennon remembered. You can click here to read my post about the John Lennon memorial garden which is at Durness.




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One Response to “Durness”

  1. Thom Hickey Says:

    Thanks. Seems a lovely tranquil spot – on my map for our next trip that way! Thom.

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