A mini microscope

This ‘look at’ microscope is remarkably small and amazingly good.

image002 The tube on the left is the optical part. That on the right is battery and lamp.

Laboratory microscopes are often for looking through very thin sections with a lamp shining up from underneath. This little item has a top light. It is not suitable for looking at those wafer thin laboratory slides. It is more like a powerful magnifying glass.

In use you can adjust the angle of the lamp so it produces a bright spot just where you are looking.

It really is bright – as LED lamps tend to be these days.


The microscope has a little pouch and a box which would offer a bit of protection when in a pocket. There are, of course, instructions in the box as well.


I know nothing about cost or suppliers. This was a gift from Brother-in-law. I’m certainly not promoting or advertising any particular brand here.



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