The sailing barge and the dredger

image002 Photos like this remind me of just how ancient I am. The scene is just off Newhaven. The year is 1954. I was five years old and so can remember scenes like this. Oh, I can also apologise for the rather poor quality photo.

Let’s start with that sailing barge.


It is just about to pass the end of the sea wall on the East sid eof Newhaven Harbour. I’d guess dad, who took the photo was on the much longer west pier.

The barge, presumably, is running on a motor for the sail is furled. But it definitely looks like a Thames sailing barge to me. So yes, I remember these vessels in service.

The other ship in the photo is a bucket dredger.


This dredger was called the Foremost Prince and I believe she worked, clearing the mud out of Newhaven Harbour, from 1947 for about forty years. So back in 1954 she (or should that be he as he was a Prince) was quite new. The idea was simple. Bucket scoops on a continuous chain dredged the sea bed and then tipped the mud into the hold. When full, ‘The Prince’ went out into the English Channel and dumped its load. My dad always reckoned it washed back into the harbour.

It certainly looks archaic now but yes, I remember it well.


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