An Imber Summer

Mostly flowers

In truth it wasn’t the most summery of days when I headed into Imber. The old village of Imber was taken over by the military in World War II. People who lived there are certain they were promised they could return, ‘when the emergency was over’. They never have returned nor ever will now for there is virtually nothing to return to.

But the road through Imber is open for about thirty days each year – a block of time in the summer and a block around Christmas and New Year. I went on August 11th – part of the summer opening.

I drove through the vedette (or gate) which was of course open. However, nearby it looked to have its own guardian, ready to turn some tables and make mincemeat of anybody foolish enough to leave the road.

image002He certainly looks quite a fierce beast. He’s a white park bull. They are reared on a local organic farm.

Well away from him there were some walkers.


I’m not sure they ought to be there, but it helps give an idea of the bleakness of Salisbury Plain. Yes, Imber is in the middle of that lump of chalk.


I stopped to get the long view of Imber Church. This has been restored this century from ruination.


Once upon a time a village surrounded the church. Very little else remains now, after 70 years in the care of the army.

But flowers, insects and birds were to be seen. Here are some of the flowers.

image009I think this is a cranesbill.

The ever popular (with me) knapweed.




I don’t know this one for sure. Some kind of Campanula?.


image017Birdsfoot trefoil.

These yellow flowers on long stalks usually baffle me! Is it a hawksbit?


image021This is Viper’s Bugloss

Mixed flora



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