This is another of my early web pages from 15 years ago. I had a section I called flowers which included blooms and rivers. So here we go!

One crossword book I once had always fooled me by calling rivers flow-ers.

Even now I’ll cheat and include buildings for rivers include water mills. I love them!

My first river is in France


This is at Veules Les Roses in Normandy, described as the smallest river in France. When I was there, in October 1998, it was in full flood, but still very pretty. It also had remnants of previous use.


For peace and tranquility, though (not to mention midges), you can’t beat the Scottish Southern uplands. This is the River Ettrick near Ettrick Bridge and the waterfall is The Grey Mare’s Tail, plunging down to Moffatt Water



By the way. This was the size of photo taken by my first digital camera back in 1998. I thought it was fantastic.


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