Mum and Dad – 1958

In 1958 my dad borrowed a 35mm camera and then experimented with colour film. I don’t know whether it even occurred to my dad that he might buy film with the processing price included. Dad always processed his own black and white photos and so he did (to start with) his colour ones. And here’s one which somebody else, presumably, took of Mum and Dad walking up the path of the house we lived in. Or, of course, Dad set up the camera on a tripod and used a shutter delay.


My parents had clearly got dressed up for this occasion. Dad has a suit and a bow tie. Suits he wore. The bow tie comes as a bit of a surprise. Mum has a lovely summer frock and a neat, small handbag.

It isn’t the sharpest of images but it gives me a memory of my mum in colour. She looks happy. Well both of them do.

And that inconveniently designed semi (on the left) was the house I spent most of my childhood in.


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