An Electron User

Back in the early 1980s I forked out £200 on an Acorn Electron Computer. That was a vast amount of money for a basic computer with no screen for display (you used your TV) and no mass storage (you used a cassette tape player). And the machine had a working memory of 32 kbytes or, in present day terms, next to nothing.

However, this computer turned out to be something of an investment. I found I had programming skills and could sell what I wrote. My programs were not in the top notch of games but computer magazines used to publish listings for people to type in. That’s where my programs went.

Then, the publishers asked me to write reviews of software and also articles about computing.  All earned me cash but most of all, I enjoyed doing it.

My main magazine was Electron User which was published monthly for almost seven years. They can now be found on line and here is one of my reviews.


This appeared in the February 1987 issue of the magazine and clearly I was none too impressed with the software. I recall that I enjoyed the TV programme it was based on and that wasn’t just seeing Aneka Rice in her close fitting garment. I really did enjoy solving the problems contestants were set.

No doubt, these days, a pretty decent version of this game could be made. It probably really needed more computing power than the electron could deliver.


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