Childhood Home revisited

This is not a physical revisit – merely that I have featured my childhood home before. But I can look back at a photo like this one and be amazed at the conditions it looks as though we lived in.


Actually, it wasn’t as bad as all that. It was just that building works were going on at the time.

Our house, a small and inconvenient semi is on the right. The house on the left belonged to the Langridge family and it looks as though I (for yes, that is me) am trying to say ‘hello’ to their dog which was called Lulu. The downstairs window facing the camera was our main living room. The one above it was my parents’ room. My dad’s new garage was being built in agreement with neighbours. Making our footpath house entrance shared enabled us all to get cars off the road. But the old shed is still standing behind the house and it looks like a heap of scrap near the camera.

The photo dates from the early 60s. It does all look a bit squalid.

Later, after my mum had died and dad remarried he and second family moved to a more spacious house across the road. Stepmother, half-sister and family still live there so I do see this house from time to time.

New owners decided to call the old place ‘Shambles’!

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