A plateway wagon

Essentially, a plateway is a railway but with a difference. On a plateway the wagon wheels have no flange to keep them on the rail. Instead the rail (or plate) has a right angle bend all along its length to keen a plain wheel on track.

And here is a short length of battered plateway with a wagon.


Now I’m going to have to confess to being a poor labeller of photos. This photo carries no date and no location information. So I’ll take a guess.

Back in the fairly early 1970s we took part in a course on the industrial archaeology of Shropshire which was led by the redoubtable Barry Trinder. We visited the then nascent Blists Hill Museum and I reckon this is where I took this photo. I’m more than happy to be wrong, though, if anybody out there recognises this scene.

Actually, I love the photo which definitely captures the pioneering spirit of 1970s industrial archaeology. It isn’t a modern reconstruction.

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