Toasting Forks

I had the fortune, good or otherwise, to attend a Grammar School between the ages of 11 and 16. Actually, for various reasons, that Grammar school and I didn’t serve each other particularly well. I have, on this blog, mentioned one teacher, Mr Cole of geography who I found inspirational.

Another subject I enjoyed was metalwork. I still have this thought that it was typical of the place to teach boys metalwork, rather than the far more useful woodwork, but when all came to all I did enjoy metalwork. I loved using the forge. I loved turning things to precision standards on a lathe. I enjoyed working copper. I could even enjoy routine things like using saws and files.

Of course, the school knew best as to what we should make. We had no choice in the matter. And one object we had to make was an extendable toasting fork. I still have mine!

image002 I couldn’t tell you when this was last used for holding a piece of bread in front of an open fire. Most of the time, the poor old thing hangs up in an out building. It still works as an extendable item. This amazes me considering age – 55 years now and rust!


But in a way it spawned a second toasting fork, made by me as a youthful adult. I attended a metalworking evening class and was able to refresh some blacksmithing experience from school days. This toasting fork is fixed in length but has been made from one piece of mild steel, mostly just using heat and hammer.


I wish words could explain just how enjoyable it is to get your piece of metal really hot and then twist it. Fantastic.

Like its friend it hangs up in an out building. But maybe, come the winter months I could try them out again.

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2 Responses to “Toasting Forks”

  1. Janet Says:

    I can understand your feelings about doing metalwork – a skill developed by our ancient ancestors.

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