On the Nottingham Canal

It was back in 1974 that my wife and I, with friends, made our way to Nottingham on a canal boat, hired for one week. I took many photos on my good old Canon Demi and it included inevitable cast iron signs. Here is one of them.


What I find most interesting here is that as recently as 1922 the canal was enough in use for other folks on the towing path to be a nuisance.

Nottingham is more or less where the Trent and Mersey Canal meets the River Trent. The canal had broad locks in the Nottingham area which made it much more commercially viable than the narrow canals which could only handle boats which were seven feet wide. Maybe it thus had plenty of traffic at a time when railways were king and road haulage was getting into its stride with army surplus lorries.

I also rather like the way different types of possible vehicle have been listed. Was somebody on a monocycle OK? Or if anyone had a pedal car was that OK?

Although in need of a bit of paint the sign had clearly been kept in good order although by 1974, when I was there, towing path haulage was very much a thing of the past.



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