The rising tide

In truth this isn’t really tide at all – but it is a rapid rise in water level.

What we see here are three pictures of the river at Commins Coch near Machynlleth in Wales. The river is called the Afon Twymyn, a tributary of the Dyfi.


This one was taken at about 7 30 in the morning on August 22nd 2015. It was a good time to stream watch for I saw a dipper and a kingfisher in quick succession.

The next morning – and there had been plenty of rain – produced a rather different scene.


A muddy brown torrent now rushed along the Afon Twymyn. Bird life was conspicuous by its absence.

By that afternoon – and yes the rain had continued – the large rock in the river had vanished.


What goes up must come down (unless it manages to reach rocket speeds) and a couple of days later the water had returned most of the way back down.



2 Responses to “The rising tide”

  1. Sreejith Vijayakumar Says:

    Flash floods are really scary :-O

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