Preparing for the show

Actually, it is now after the show, but I wouldn’t want the competition to see what I had in mind so I have delayed publication.

Our village show has a photography section. The little cup for most points in section is fought over by members of my family, amongst others. Three different members of the family – me, my wife and my son – have shared 12 wins in the 21st century.

I don’t think I have much chance this year – but then maybe others have had the same problems.

We have just four categories to enter. First, with a group of up to four photos is a class called seasons. Now my photos, since the last show, just don’t really show seasons. Winter, summer, spring and autumn all tend to look alike this year. Nothing in the rules says I can’t incorporate photos from earlier years, but I believe that all photos entered should have been taken within the last 12 months.

Another category is called ‘Celebration’. Now I have never been a good photographer of groups of people but I have found three pictures to choose between.

Wildlife is a third category. I have pictures but the top prize often goes to folks who have been on game safaris to far flung places. This year I have not left the UK.

It is the category called ‘Water’ which I am going to share here. There has been no shortage of water this year. I could have dozens of photos, but I have chosen three to pick from.


This is a waterfall at Aysgarth in North Yorkshire. It’s a popular tourist spot and although I quite like the photo I probably won’t use it. I think I prefer this fall at nearby Askrigg. This is off the tourist trail. People won’t know it.


At the moment, though, my favourite is this one.


Now for me that just oozes water from top to bottom. But will the judge like it? Probably not. The line between land and sea is straight across the middle of the photo. Judges tend to like thirds. However, the waves and white horses offer angles.

This photo, by the way, was taken from a modern air conditioned train through two panes of double glazing. Oh, and if I chose to I could enter it as summer in the seasons category as well for it was taken this august.



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