The Fairbourne Railway

Mid to North Wales is almost crowded out with steam railways of the narrow gauge variety. One that might be easy to miss is the miniature line at Fairbourne.

Fairbourne has a mainline station on the Cambrian Coast Line. In a bid to develop tourism the potential resort of Fairbourne was built, reaching away from the main railway and down to the sea front. A tramway was built to help build the village and that became the Fairbourne Railway. Originally it was built to a two foot gauge but has been progressively narrowed and now the two rails are just 12½ inches apart.

It makes a pretty sight as the little train trundles between Fairbourne and a point on the Mawddach estuary a couple or so kilometres away. Small ferries can link with the train to take passengers across the estuary to Barmouth.

We chanced upon a train when we visited in August 2015.


There’s the train, with Barmouth in the background, as she makes her way from the ferry station towards Fairbourne.

The little loco, Sherpa, hauls its load past us.


She leads her train onwards,  towards Fairbourne.


Meanwhile, back at Fairbourne, the loco Yeo was being readied for the next journey.



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