Mother and Brother

I have said before – my parents are deceased and so are my full siblings. I do have a pair of half siblings who are, I suppose, barring my own children, my closest relatives.

But of course I have photos and today I am looking at one of my mother (who died back in 1967 and my brother who died in 1980. The photo dates from 1947.


My brother, as can be seen, was very much a babe in arms back then and my young and rather unkempt looking mother was happy as could be, living almost a dream life in a remote cottage with the man she loved and her two children. Number three, me, was not yet on the scene.

They are sitting in the garden of that remote cottage which was some 4 miles from Wadhurst in Sussex. My brother had been born there and it was where I entered the world as well.

The settee – a Lloyd Loom construction, was part of our house furniture but obviously light weight enough to be taken out into the garden in good weather. The garden was big. As well as being productive for vegetables, dad kept egg laying ducks and bees. It sounds as though they really were living the good life.

Sadly, in some ways, I didn’t know it for I was less than a year old when a move was made to a village house with some garden. It was fine, but never quite suited my dad.



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