The Village where no bread is sold

My childhood street in an old postcard

We have seen my childhood street before. I still visit it because family still live there, albeit not in the same house so I have shown fairly recent photos and others from my childhood. This postcard is older for it was posted, I believe, in 1921.


It is captioned Ifield Village and Ifield is now rather subsumed into Crawley although something of a village atmosphere lingers on.

Despite being long before my birth, it looks familiar. The lane leading off on the right is Langley Lane and the gate opposite it on the left leads into allotments which are still there. The difference from my childhood days is that the left side of the road had a pavement all along it. Nowadays there are pavements on both sides and parked cars clog up the road.

The large house on the left still stands. I had a friend who lived there. My own house was at the far end of the street on the right hand side.


Yes, it is in amongst that group.

Actually, it is the back of the card, sent by and to people unknown to me, which adds interest.


It has two postmarks and neither of them are clear. But the message is one to savour, particularly this bit.


This is a view of a village where no bread is sold.

It wasn’t so in my childhood. We had a village shop and it sold bread!


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One Response to “The Village where no bread is sold”

  1. Janet Says:

    Wish I could find an old postcard of my street- it could show the stone chapel at the corner. The stone chapel was for the owners of the estate, the Benton family. The Benton house was near my house which was built in 1926. In my childhood the former chapel was the Benton Branch Library. A favorite haunt.

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