Crawley Carnival – 1975

When I lived in Ifield, I felt it to be a separate place from Crawley but as the New Town grew the two places merged. Crawley, effectively, was my home town. I must have visited in 1975 – I was a Wiltshire man by then – for I have a photo of some people taking part in Crawley Carnival.

image002 Had my sister still been alive she could have told me the names of the people on penny farthing and trike. Now all I can say is that there they are.

The clothes of the spectators are now as historically interesting as the two main stars of the photo.


Bell bottom trousers were still all the rage. The two lads in flared jeans here have had to do a bit of turning up. Hair styles for girls and boys all seemed to be about the same length.  On what was clearly a hot day it was obviously more important to look cool than to be cool.

The location ought to be obvious, particularly with the road sign visible.


It is surely the junction between what was High Street and what was Three Bridges Road. But I no longer know Crawley. That’s an area which has entirely changed. But then, 1975 was 40 years ago!


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