A Greyhound

Sorry. I’m not really a dog lover so this is not a real greyhound. In fact it is a steam railway locomotive.

It has featured on this blog before when I wrote about a special enthusiasts train I went on called The Sussex Coast Limited. The train made a photo stop at Guildford and I, a very inexperienced photographer back in 1962, grabbed this photo of the loco.

That kind of loco was known as a greyhound.

Officially it was class T9and had been designed by Dugald Drummond for express passenger work on the London and South Western Railway in 1899. They quickly gained a reputation for free running and speed – hence the nickname of greyhounds.

In 1962 when I took the photo above, this particular greyhound had been preserved as a part of the national collection of steam engines. It had been repainted to look more like it did in 1899 and was used on special trains and some ordinary service trains.

In September 2015 the very same loco was in service on the Swanage Railway. It arrived at Swanage hauling a train – but had its tender first which never looks quite right and can be very uncomfortable for those on the footplate.


One thing which has changed since 1962 is having female footplate crew. And oddly, the loco is now in the livery it might have had in 1961 when I saw many of this engine’s kennel mates.

A little later the loco was on the front of another train so could be seen properly.


Sorry about half a person!

The fireman (or driver) invited me onto the footplate.

The roaring fire was producing plenty of potential steam.


Let’s take a right side of the cab view.


It isn’t the clearest view of the line ahead.

How great to see an old friend again.


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2 Responses to “A Greyhound”

  1. Simon - Brookes Castle Says:

    Reblogged this on Loco Yard and commented:
    A good look at the Greyhound aka the T9 🙂 I cant wait till she arrives at the MHR Autumn Gala

  2. sed30 Says:

    Reblogged this on sed30's Blog and commented:
    Another fav loco. Tried to catch her on the Swanhe Railway but no joy

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