At Monyash in October 2008

Monyash is a village in Derbyshire with direct family connections.

Monyash had village farms – the house was at the front and barn and byre buildings were attached at the back. There seems to be a squeezer stile to that phone box.

 image004  image006

In fact it also led to some kind of wash sink.


It also led to hilarity as two people tried to get through the squeeze.



Nearby was a small village green with what looked an old monument.



The pub, with ancient blocked door stood by the green.


Morris men were arriving and considerably later we saw them performing outside the Queen’s Arms.


Oh yes, there seemed to be a bikers’ convention as well.




This is Monyash Church which would have been despised by my wife’s relatives from 300 years earlier. Cornelius’s mother, Alice – my wife’s direct ancestor – was a feisty lady who disrupted services across the moor at Leek and spent time in prison for her Quaker beliefs. One of her children  – a breast-fed babe – died in prison with her.

This was one way out of the churchyard. Large slabs are placed in the wall to make a kind of ladder.


After a dull start to the day, the sky was clearing. The sun may not yet have been with us but there was plenty of blue sky.


Just below the church was a small lake called Fere Mere. These were dug in the clay areas so that water could collect and provide that much needed fluid for animals being driven across the dry limestone areas.



I stopped by a field gate to take a photo and three fat lambs – I bet they’d been hand reared – charged over to see me with hope and expectation written all over their face. But of course, I had nothing for them.



And now, the Mere – attractive and reflective.


Steps led down to the edge of the water – and down on into the water. Recent rainfall probably meant it was a high water mark.

image042 image044
image046 image048


Two drakes – a bit Khaki Campbell in style, cruised over to see us, rippling up the water.


When we didn’t feed them, they hopped up the steps to follow us.


One of the benches around Fere Mere. Very nice!

Well that was Fere Mere, but next door, the school playing field was not coping too well with the quantity of rain.



Monyash House Farm had a National Trust Sign.


Having been for a walk, we returned, not only seeing Morris Men, but also the old reading room.


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