Granny grows a sunflower

To be strictly accurate this Granny was a step grandmother. My real gran died, back in the 1930s with four young children, Grandad remarried, perhaps in haste, but desperate to keep his family together. Even that never entirely worked. Step granny never had children of her own and maybe was not an ideal substitute mum. But I only knew her as a Granny and she seemed tolerably OK to me, albeit more interested in horse racing or wrestling on the telly than mere step grandchildren.

Back in 1965 she chanced to grow a very tall sunflower which got featured in her local paper.


There’s a reminder of how dotty newspaper photos were fifty years ago – but at least they existed and had real local news.

Here’s the caption to the photo.


Well done Mrs C Ware, I say. UI always called her Granny. Some of her step children called her Mum but others called her Chris or even Aunty.

I’m pleased to have the memory.


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