At Camp in 1959

Visitors came to see us regularly at camp. Our chosen site, near Lewes, was little more than 20 miles from home and car drivers could easily pop down to see us – and they did. I loved being at camp but it seems more staid friends and some who were more on the wild side, loved the atmosphere of our non-campsite camping where we had to be self-reliant in all ways.

Fred and Marjory Davies were visitors. My dad knew them through the WEA – the Worker’s Educational Association. I would put them in the more staid category. Fred drove what I thought was a swish Wolseley car with a walnut dashboard. But they enjoyed visiting and Fred took these photos.


The group of people there, seated between our two main tents, start with my mum and then Marjory. I’m afraid I don’t recognise the next lady. My dad is lounging in his chair and that’s my brother standing up by the telescope. The track going to the top of the hill can be seen on the hillside above the group, passing the scallop shaped chalk pit which was a feature of the site.


This picture looks in the opposite direction and that neat boy on the left is me. I don’t know the two people also on the ground except that the man looks a bit like Fred Davies so it might be him. I do note the poles which supported our electric fence which protected camp from the bullocks in the field. My mother sits outside the bell tent and, once again, my brother is by the telescope.

Happy memories!


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