Francoise Hardy

As I write this I am listening to Francoise Hardy singing her wonderful songs from the 1960s and reliving those angst ridden young teenage years when I (like loads of others) was madly in love with Francoise – an unattainable dream.

You really wondered why all the boys and girls were together in pairs, except her. Were the boys of France mad? Surely, given a chance they’d be out with Mme. Hardy.

Buying new records was not my thing back in those days. My family were still escaping from very low level finances and we were well inculcated with not wasting money on fripperies. But inevitable over the years Francoise records came my way. Or should I say we, for when we married and my wife endowed all her worldly goods on me, it included a Francoise Hardy EP.

And at this stage I remember I’m talking a foreign language to today’s generation of angst ridden young teenagers. So let’s explain Francoise Hardy first, starting with the image on a record sleeve.


Francoise epitomised 1960s beauty with her long flowing hair and simple looks – not over made up. Her songs were simple and easy to hum along to. One might not understand the words for she was French and sang in her native language, The meaning of the songs was plain though. All her songs meant she was waiting for me!

But it isn’t only the singer who might need explanation. The whole method of playing music does as well. You see we used to have these flat black discs – 7 inches across with a spiral groove on each side. That groove was wobbly and the wobbles were felt by a needle resting in it and converted to the sound. You got one song on each side – unless it was an EP or Extended Play record in which case you got two songs on each side.

And as I still listen to Francoise, I have to confess I am listening to MP3s on my computer.

Happy memories!


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2 Responses to “Francoise Hardy”

  1. Thom Hickey Says:

    Thanks. Great memories! I think she was a whole generations fantasy French girlfriend. I’ll be writing about her later on The Immortal Jukebox. Regards Thom.

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