Another bird

I had just finished writing yesterday’s piece about the robin when one of those birds I find harder to identify turned up.

What took my eye was actually a flock of mixed tits. There were certainly four species of tit in it, the blue, the great, the coal and the long tailed varieties.

But then another bird was spotted which was not a tit. It was quite early morning and the light wasn’t brilliant. The photo I managed to take certainly isn’t perfect.


But even a poor photo is an aid to identification. I believe this is a chiffchaff.

The only other p[ossibility is a willow warbler. The two look very similar but I think the willow warbler is a brighter yellow than this.

These images come from the RSPB site.

However, as I am a tad uncertain I’d appreciate it if anyone could either tell me I’m right or put me straight.



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