Great Granny’s sampler

I’ve said before that out of sadness some joy can come.

There’s a difficult job still ongoing. It isn’t my job for my sister had two children and clearing her house is really something they have to do. But they are good enough to realise that some family things are probably best passed my way. This one is only a photo but I am still delighted to see it and to be able to make something of it.

Back in 1860, when Great Granny was a 10 year old scholar at Butley School in Suffolk, she sewed a sampler. I had seen a black and white photo of it – indeed it appeared on this blog in a post about her (click here). I know the sampler has passed down another line of the family which is now quite distant from me. It is with a great grandchild of my granny’s sister. If I have it right that’s a 2nd cousin once removed.

But in a box of ‘stuff’ that my nephew brought to me from his mum’s former home there was a small colour photo of the sampler. The sampler as seen in the photo is just 5cm square. But modern technology can work wonders.

click picture to enlarge it

click picture to enlarge it

Most of the stitchwork is clear.

Remember now thy creator
in the days of thy youth
Sarah Ann Crosby Aged 10y
Butley School June 6th 1860

Back in 1968, I now know, my dad made some notes about the sampler. This was when he was sent the little colour photo.

The original is 33cm by 33cm. Some of the wool has faded and one of the lighter shades has begun to disintegrate.

Presumably the sampler was framed soon after it was made. Sarah Ann moved to Isfield soon after 1860 (actually it was after 1871) after the death of her parents. (Actually well before her mother died in 1888.)

She married George Stevens. Her eldest child, Ellen, born 1881 remembers the sampler in the same frame from her earliest days.

So this sampler is a real bit of family history.


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2 Responses to “Great Granny’s sampler”

  1. Janet Says:

    Wonderful treasure of family history.

    • locksands Says:

      Couldn’t agree more Janet. I’m sure it is greedy of me, but I wish I had the actual sampler.

      But these heirlooms should be shared, I’m sure.

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