A birthday present for Naomi

We have met my Great Aunt Naomi from time to time on this blog. She died aged 32, in 1911, from that scourge of the time, tuberculosis. Maybe her young death resulted in more of her items being kept but this one turned up in my sister’s house after her death last year. I’ll class it as something my sister forgot she had or failed to interpret. Surely she’d have told me about it otherwise.

The item is a book – an album of blank pages.


This measures some 21 by 13 cms and the pages are of reasonable quality different coloured paper. In later years it might have been called an autograph album. The album was a birthday present to Naomi on her 26th birthday which was on 23rd November 1905. It was given by her sister Ruth who had celebrated her 21st birthday earlier that year.

Ruth has written a greeting on the front page.


It was only a couple of years ago that I worked out that Naomi was known as Omy. Maybe my sister was lost as to who Omy was and stashed this away in a box in the loft. And there it stayed until house clearance began. Now of course, the circumstances are sad, but I am delighted to have this memento of a Great Aunt I never knew and who, by all accounts, was regarded as a very sweet person.

Actually, I didn’t know my Great Aunt Ruth either for she emigrated to Australia but I used to enjoy air mail letters that arrived from her.

We’ll have a look at some of the messages on future occasions. They all, as you’d expect from the family at that time, seem to feature biblical quotes.


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