Scissors for what?

There are all sorts of unexplained items in my oddments cupboard. I call these scissors, but maybe they are snips for something else. Any ideas?


Perhaps they are secateurs – pruning shears or maybe they relate to some specific trade like leather working.

They are held shut by a clip at the end of the handle. Open that and the vicious power in these cutters is revealed.


The blades are quite long and do have the look of scissor blades. The spring that opens the blades is quite strong and the device is very sturdily made. The overall length is about 8 inches or 20 centimetres.

I’d love to have some idea of what these were for.


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2 Responses to “Scissors for what?”

  1. Leatherworking Reverend Says:

    If they had a notch in the blade, I’d say poultry shears. Modern ones tend to have curved blades, but this pair are otherwise similar to yours.

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