I love to see water based mammals and have featured a harbour seal on this blog (click here). But this time I’m looking at seals for closing and, effectively signing a document.

The idea is that you get a bit of sealing wax – normally red in colour. This is designed to melt fairly easily so that you can pour some over the closure, for example, of an envelope. Then, as the wax sets again, you press a pattern into the wax to act as the signature.

Recipients of the letter would know if the seal had been broken.

And here are a couple of ‘patterns’ to press into the wax.



These modern seals appear to be letters – a K and a D. In times past they’d have been far more complex.

There is a wooden handle to attach to the seals in use, so you don’t risk burning fingers on the hot wax.


And there are the two seals with a stick of sealing wax.

Such items can still be bought. Indeed modern technology with laser cutting controlled by computers makes it possible to have intricate designs.

However, I have to say I have never used these seals and can’t imagine that I ever would.




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