Looking into a hole

I feel sure this photo should be used for a caption competition.


Just what are this group of people thinking or saying? I ought to know for I’m the youthful looking chap in cheap green wellies but I have entirely forgotten the occasion. Having said that, there’s enough location there for me to know that it is part of my ‘land’ and therefore my hole. The real cause of it, I’m sure, is badgers but possibly they just tunnelled too near the surface and a bit fell in. It isn’t the entrance to a badger sett which would feature a huge mound of soil dug out by those black and white home builders.

The other people in the photo are members of my family and from ages I’m guessing this was in the late 1990s.

On the left is a nephew with his wife behind him. Next is my brother in law and then me and it’s my son on the right. My sister must have taken the photo.

Much has happened in the 20 or so years since that photo was taken. My nephew is now a niece and his wife has stayed with her. They have a 15 year old daughter. My brother in law has developed a horrible, frontal lobe dementia and is more or less bed ridden in a care home. My son is married and a dad himself these days. I just look older and my current pair of wellies are black. I always buy cheap wellies. Expensive ones are just as prone to putting a fork through them or splitting where they crease as you walk. And of course, my sister, who took this photo, died last year which is why this photo has recently come to me.


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