The contraption up the hill

We stayed, for a week, in Dent which is in Cumbria but also in the Yorkshire Dales. That was earlier this month. We had some friends who lived not so far away in Lancashire and they came to see us so we took a walk which took in Dent itself and also Gawthrop, a neighbouring settlement.

As we returned, down the hill from Gawthrop to Dent I came across a contraption on the hillside. To me it looked interesting to my friend it looked like a heap of junk.


That’s me and friend’s wife examining this contraption.

Well actually, it was more interesting than I imagined. It is a mini hydro-electric power station.


The drum shape at this end had enough rust to let us peep in. It contained what I could describe as a water propeller. The hefty tap on the left could control the flow of water to this. At the far end of the shaft there is clearly a dynamo or generator for creating electrical energy from the flowing water.

What a great bit of kit for this steep area, with many a potential flowing gill from which to gather the power.

Even friend admitted it was interesting!

Of course, I’d love to know more about it – like how it came to be in a field and where it had been housed and used.


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