Flung by father

Well not really flung! I’m sure I was totally safe in the hands of my dad who was raising me high in the air.


This, I regret to say, must date from the 1940s and as that is me up in the air, it reminds me that I’m not as young as I once was. That, of course, is my regret. My dad is sitting in a chair and giving me a high view. I look to be taking an interest in the world around me, albeit I see no sign of a smile.

Behind us is the home I lived in, only for the first ten months of my life. It was near Wadhurst in Sussex. My dad, were he still alive, would tell us how much he loved living there. It was a life style he never quite recaptured elsewhere.

As we left there when I was a mere ten months old and I am now the only survivor of the very happy family that lived there, real memories no longer exist. So three cheers for photos!

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