Taking a leap

I rather suspect my days of taking a leap are over but others are much more gutsy than me and are determined to have a go. Some of the others, I’m sure, are human but what I’m talking about here are salmon.

About three weeks ago we stood beside the River Ribble at Stainforth Force and watched salmon attempting to leap up the waterfall to reach the spawning grounds further upstream. Let’s have a look at the biggest of several jumps the salmon have to make.

I’ve seen an estimate of the height of this fall as 7 feet 2 inches. My own rough and ready estimate was, ‘about the height of a man’. It’s a hefty leap for a salmon. We had hardly got there when we saw our first leaper.


I’m afraid this salmon, and all others we saw, didn’t make it. It fell back to the lower level.


This one got so close but fell back again.


I think this was the biggest fish we saw. I remember being gobsmacked at the time at the size of this one. I estimated it at about three feet but could be way out.


We were not alone watching the salmon. In fact it was quite a spectator sport.

It was a real experience to see these gallant leapers attempt this jump. Enough must make it to keep the species going. I’d like to have seen one succeed.





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