Programming Days

Back in the 1980s I was an avid programmer of computers. I found I had a reasonable talent for this rather esoteric pastime and then I found I could earn money doing something which I really enjoyed.

I used an Acorn Electron computer. I’d have liked a BBC micro but couldn’t afford it so had to make do with the Electron which was the BBC’s baby brother. My programmes would run on both machines.

I look back, now on what I did 30 years ago and I marvel at it. Did I really understand it all? Well, I must have done. And I know I took a pride in making programs clear to understand, yet compact and as fast running as possible.

This program which appeared in the April 1985 issue of ‘Electron user’ magazine was merely a way of grabbing a few sentences and putting them together to tell fortunes. It got used at school fetes and created amusement as well as a little bit of income.

These days the pages of the magazine have all been digitised and are on line so here we have two pages which included a full type in listing for the program.

image002 image004

If you really want to read the listing, then click on a picture to open a full size version.

Well, what fun I used to have!



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