Gold for Wilfred Welch Piper

Wilfred Welch Piper – known to people in younger generations as Uncle Fred – was born in Kilkhampton in Cornwall in 1873. One suspects that he was destined from birth to become a tailor and, indeed he did. It seems he was a successful one as well for in 1905 he was awarded this.


This was sometime before he became a member of my wife’s family. Fred had married his first wife, Susie Irons in 1899 but she died in 1916. And then in 1918 Fred married Beatrice Paul (known as Dolly) and as a result he became my wife’s great uncle by marriage.

Fred and Dolly lived in St Austell, Cornwall. Fred actually died in 1945 so my wife never knew him, except by repute. She knew Dolly quite well. She lived until 1963.

It is a branch of family that has almost petered out. Fred and Dolly had one son and he and his wife had one daughter. The daughter has lived in a care home since the death of her parents.

And as a result the Piper family are kind of honorary members of our family tree.

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