The Sunday School Tram


Talk about a change of use. Once upon a time this had been a horse drawn tram car.


When I saw it, and took this photo, which was back in 1973, it had reached the stage of being a museum exhibit. In between it had been a Gospel and Sunday School.

That’s some change of use!

Back in 1973 it was at Blists Hill Open Air Museum. That was a part of the Ironbridge Gorge cluster of museums in Shropshire. Back then Blists Hill was very much in its infancy and I believe it has changed out of all recognition since then and is now marketed as Blists Hill Victorian Town. A few photos on the web suggest this old relic might be there somewhere, now painted in a red colour and with added lettering to indicate its religious function.

What I haven’t found is any real information. Where was it a tram? Was it mobile as a gospel vehicle? Where did it go? Where was it a Sunday School? When was it built? Has anyone got any answers?

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2 Responses to “The Sunday School Tram”

  1. Timothy Says:

    As of October 2016 it is still at Blists Hill and it has indeed been painted red. Photo at

    No answers though!

  2. Jim Dignan Says:

    It appears that the tram was built in 1904 as an electric double deck tramcar, number 12, for the Birmingham and Midlands Tramway. It was built by Brush of Loughborough for the 3′ 6″ gauge tramway. All that remains is the lower deck of the tramcar. The tramway closed in 1939 but it is not known when number 12 was withdrawn or what happened to it afterwards.

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