An interchange station

Today I have a photo of a station, with hardly a railway in sight. The station looks not much more than an attractive brick hut.

image002 I owe my dad something here, for he captioned this slide (taken on my Canon Demi) and he even added a grid reference for posterity.


My only mark on that is the R (upside down) at the bottom right. That’s a mark which tells me the photo was taken in the summer of 1973. My dad has added the information at the top.

So this is a canal/rail interchange station. We can just see a bit of canal at bottom left and there is a railway bridge in the background.

Now my dad has called it a passenger interchange and that would have happened for in days of yore canals did operate passenger services. But I suspect this was more a goods interchange point, between the Montgomery Canal and the railway linking Shrewsbury and Chester.

I think this is a lovely building and it still exists. It’s where the arrow points on the map.



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One Response to “An interchange station”

  1. Janet Says:

    20 or so years ago I took the ferry from the North Strand in Dublin to Holyhead, then travelled by rail to Chester and Shrewsbury.

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