Another of life’s milestones

No, I’m not talking about age or achievements. I haven’t ticked anything off a bucket list which I don’t have anyway. I’m talking about a lump of stone by the side of the road telling you how far you are from somewhere.

I believe that turnpike trusts – people allowed to charge for the use of roads, had to erect milestones which were, as the name implies, one mile apart. They imparted, and still do, useful information to the walker, cyclist or horse rider, but maybe not to the motorist of today who zaps past them far too fast to glean any information.

Some, perhaps, are less useful than others. Here’s a case in point.


It is beautifully kept and in a lovely location. It is reasonable to assume we are just one mile from S. But I’d guess not many readers of this will know or guess where S is. There are, by the way, to my observed knowledge, similar stones with S2, S3, S4 and S5.

Well, these stones would be little use to an extra-terrestrial visitor, who dropped in but there again, it may not offer much help to such a visitor if it had the full name of the place which is Sedbergh.

Sedbergh is a lovely little town in Cumbria. It also counts as a Yorkshire Dales town. You’d be pleased to be one mile from the place for that’s only a short distance away and it is well worth a visit.


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