A card to Auntie

I have shared quite a few postcards on this blog. Most have had a family connection and I do feel very lucky that these cards were not discarded. They provide memories of people I knew or tell me something about those who died before I was born. They definitely make me feel closer to people for they enable me to handle an item they handled and to see their handwriting and maybe gather something about their lifestyle. Yes, I love them. And I love them even if they fall into what I might call the modern period, like this one.

image002 Well in truth this card is anything but modern really. It is black and white and with the deckle edge that was popular some 50 years ago. The caravans and cars we see on this site look like the sort of thing seen in the 1960s as well.

I think, by the way, the caravan site has long been consigned to history. I don’t find any mention of it anywhere.

Now let’s see the message.


It is addressed to my gran and was posted on 14th August 1966 – about three weeks after Grandad died. As we can see, it cost 3d to send that card. You could have bought 80 of those stamps for £1.


The message was very much the equivalent of the text message of today – short and to the point. It is signed ‘May & Ern’.

Ern was my grandad’s nephew. His full and correct name was James Ernest Edwards and his mother, Mercy, was Grandad’s sister. I knew Ern quite well for he lived only about 5 miles from us at a place called Roffey. We always referred to him as Roffey Ern to avoid confusion with other Ern’s in the family. Ern was born in 1904 which made him roughly halfway in age between my grandad and my dad.

Ern and May were cyclists and used to visit us sometimes even after they moved down to Selsey. At one time they had a tandem with a small assisting motor. I went for a short ride on the back seat and was absolutely terrified! Ern died in 1981. May died in 1998.

It is good to have the card for it does help refresh the memory.


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3 Responses to “A card to Auntie”

  1. messagefromthepast Says:

    Love this! I often have cards from the past of folks that I do not know, much harder to reconstruct! Have a look at my blog I just started.

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