A comfortable seat?

The other day, as my wife and I ate our lunch, we were entertained by a chap going back and forth, along the ridge of the downs. He was hanging under a parachute and had a large motor driven propeller strapped to his back. We were best part a mile away, but he genuinely looked relaxed and comfortable.

image002He seemed to have very good control over things, being able to go up or down, left or right. At this point he had come off the high ridge and was taking a look at the autumn sown crop which is beginning to peep through the soil. Let’s zoom in.


Soon, he was back up over the ridge.


It’s those crossed legs that make him look so relaxed.


He brought his ‘kite’ down very close to this large motor home vehicle so I suspect it was his.

We enjoyed the entertainment. Thanks!


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2 Responses to “A comfortable seat?”

  1. Pete Says:

    Pretty sure that was my brother…

  2. Chayka Says:

    It was…though since I misread some danger area notifications, best not tell the MoD… I’m glad you enjoyed the entertainment…I really enjoyed the flight back in my old backyard 🙂

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