A postcard from me

By 1970 I had finished my training and was about to commence work. I had become engaged to be married and we, my fiancée and I, headed off to tour Scotland by train, bus and ship. We had planned an itinerary that would get us to most places accessible by rail and had included a ferry ride up Loch Lomond and also from Mallaig to Kyle of Lochalsh. We also got to the station most distant from London, at Wick and used a bus to get from there to John o’ Groats. I clearly felt I should send my Dad a postcard from this far flung location and here it is.


And here’s the very short message.


So, this was written on 21st August 1970 and postmarked John o’ Groats the next day. I have hidden the address for members of the family still inhabit that area although not the same house.

I see it cost 4d to send a stamp then, just a few months before February 1971 when the UK adopted a decimal currency. The stamp is a Scottish issue one.

Dad had recently remarried, after the death of my mother in 1967 so obviously, his new wife was included in the recipients.

If anybody thinks I was niggardly with the information sent home to Dad be assured that other cards sent have so much small writing crammed on to them that I can barely read them.


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4 Responses to “A postcard from me”

  1. messagefromthepast Says:

    Perhaps a yoo curious question, but I kerp wondering: did you marry your fiancée? Great that you still have the card!

    • locksands Says:

      Yes we married the following year in 1971. Still together and have kids and grandchildren.

      • messagefromthepast Says:

        Wonderful, I also liked the story on that card, am Dutch, never knew about it!

      • locksands Says:

        I suppose I knew the story from buying that card in 1970. As a place, John o’Groats disappoints. It is billed as the most northerly point on our mainland, but it isn’t. It’s quite a prettyt little harbour though!

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